As conscious travelers we strive to be connected with ourselves – or – to reconnect with ourselves. Therefore it’s worth it to listen well to our bodies, to understand the messages they send us. When we notice the fear of something, it is probably a signal. This is a good thing; our fear warns us and lets us be careful, etc. But can our fear also keep us from doing something? What does “fearless traveling” actually mean? To travel without fear?

Fearless traveling by foot

Fearless Traveling

This month we were blessed to meet Agni & George in Barcelona. Last year they decided to confront themselves with some fears they had. By leaving Slovenia by foot, they also left debt and worries behind and started to walk – roughly targeting the south of Spain.

The big goal of their project “Walk Fearless“, which also took them to a new stage of their relationship, was to walk 3000 km without money. By reflecting what they go through, how they feel and how they handle their challenge they have developed strategies which they share in a free workshop on how to become fearless. Wherever they stop on their way they offer to meet you and give their workshop to a group of min. 8 people.

As we thought that this really sounds promising, we took the chance to participate and to meet these two experienced travelers who take consciously every step of their journey. In the workshop the couple and best friends briefly sketched who they used to be in their former lives (known as Urska & Gregor), working for money, eleven hours every day of the week in their own company, without any chance to leave the trap of dept they saw themselves in. Until one night they asked themselves the key question:


“We’d just walk, and walk, and meet people, and contribute with everything we can.”

Follow Agni & George on their way or meet them if they stop by close to where you are. It’s worth it!


How traveling is a question of perspective

Fearless TravelingThe issue of traveling without fear is also a daily one for Jona, writer and photographer living and traveling in her home country, the Philippines. Her most successfull article, “On Being a Dark Filipina Traveling the Philippines“, went viral in 2015. One of her recent blogposts focusses her experiences as a female traveling on her own. In this context she just opened a short survey which addresses Asian women who travel alone.
In Jona’s essays and articles she gives her perspective on traveling. Who defines what traveling is and who travels? Is traveling a privilege? The good read of “My thoughts on ‘leaving everything behind to travel the world” might change the way you have been thinking about the same until now.

To be conscious of the beauty of traveling in our everyday life; this is “Backpacking with a book. – Following Jona brings back to mind the fact, that there are very different perspectives – also on traveling.

So what is your personal challenge? What fears do you want / are you able to confront yourself with?

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