On the occasion of the second half of the European Mobility Week we dedicate another blogpost today to ways people are moving from A to B. To be on the way by foot certainly has the longest tradition in history of journeys. Here is how conscious travellers in addition shoy their solidarity.

Human beings on this planet have always wandered, migrated and moved from one place to another. Motivations and reasons – of course – vary. In history journeys on the one hand have been made, on a voluntary, on a privileged basis, such as expeditions or journeys for further education and intellectual evolvement in modern age. But also migrations have been a natural phenomenon; people have had to leave the lands they had been inhabiting when living conditions did not allow them anymore to stay where they were.

The oldest form of travelling from one place to another is by foot. Today walking enables us to move consciously from one place to the other. The distance we cover is noticeable for us and we can connect with what surrounds us. When we choose to travel slowly we allow ourselves that experience of consciousness.Fotos Camino del norte 182

Thoughts of a Slow Traveller

“As we prepare to set off on our walk this morning, I find my thoughts focused on refugees, many of whom cross vast expanses of land by foot as they seek lives that look a little bit more like the ones we should all be able to live.
I think about the packs on our backs and what they contain. And I think about the bags many refugees carry along with them and what they must hold – and everything they don’t. I think about why.
Walking for pleasure is important for health and communities, but it’s not the purpose of walking in many people’s lives. For many, walking is a means to get to work, or a means to travel toward water, or a means to escape from conflict.
As we set off on our walk, we know that being able to take the time to travel slowly – and intentionally so – reflects our privilege, as does the expectation that we can travel across two countries relatively safely. We intend to write about these disparities on our walk, to bring attention to the many ways in which we walk in the world, and why. …” Erin

Have a look at the travel blog of Erin and Ged and follow them on their special journey, raising funds for two organisations they decided to support while walking: http://www.slowtravelgirls.com

When we think about travelling by foot, at present we obviously also think of escape and of the reasons for escape. And we think of the dangerous circumstances all those forced to flee have to face.

On the initiative of the Peng Collective a campaign was started this summer, to build a legal aid fund for escape aid with the aim to give “escape agents” more security in their actions according to the respective national and european law. Within the Schengen Area this does not carry any significant risk and is even relatively easy to do.”

The campaign ties in with the long tradition of people giving escape aid among each other and provide empowerment through a platform to not cut this humane trend of mutual solidarity.

“‘Freedom is a necessary requirement for justice’, stated German president Joachim Gauck in his inaugural speech. As long as the iron curtain existed, it was consensus among Western politicians that the right to freely cross borders was a crucial element of a democratic society. But the people who are fleeing today, across the Mediterranean Sea and under deadly conditions, seem not to be entitled to this right. In fact, the so-called Dublin II regulation even prevents refugees and migrants from moving around within our free and democratic Europe once they have reached it. …”

Definitely all escape agents involved deserve a huge amount of respect. Until now 569 escape aid operations have been conducted. See here how to offer rides to fleeing people: http://www.fluchthelfer.in/?lang=en#


For travellers who are on their way by foot or any other medium of transportation they have choosen, Vagabunda is creating a variety of options and offers on this platform. Therefore we invite you to browse our catogories for your next journey or to create a Listing.

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