The importance of our inner balance

So, sometimes we just need to do something to find our inner balance again. Never ending to-do-lists full of tasks, feeling under pressure, in a hury and stress can keep us busy – very busy – and day after day just rushes by. Then, sometimes we don’t even ask ourselves anymore if we are actually living what is most important to us, rather than doing what we think we are supposed to do, or what we assume that we have to do, etc.

Consciousness is when we take time to reflect on our daily lives and see and feel things clearly again. This consciousness is a way to take care of ourselves.

What supports us to find our inner balance

Reflecting on my life in the past have caused decisions I took and changes I made. I came to Barcelona a little more than a year ago to start this platform for conscious travelers and their likeminded hosts and to be with the person I wanted to be with. Focussing exclusively on just a couple of things that I really wanted in my life I didn’t quite notice how I got out of balance. It has taken a while to reflect again and to conclude: It’s time for another change.

But honestly: It’s not at all easy to find out about what is really important to us in life – to find out if these aspects have currently room in our lives and to know what we can do find our inner balance again. Therefore it is so helpful to step back and take a break from our daily hustles. Traveling allows us this break. So it’s not surprising that more and more travelers seek places and contacts to reconnect with body, mind and soul, to pay attention to each of them and get to feel more balanced again.

inner balance
Workshop “Find your inner balance”

This week I was invited by my friend Julia from Lieblings-Retreat (German) to take part in a special workshop in English she organized in cooperation with Lena (Yoga with Lena) in Barcelona. The event “Find your inner balance” combined a yoga session with life coaching in a small group and a protected setting where reconnection, relaxation, consciousness and unconstrained sharing of personal topics were possible.

inner balance
Workshop “Find your inner balance”

Julia offers retreats in Barcelona and its surroundings in which yoga, meditation and personal coaching are being combined to support a conscious lifestyle following personal values, principles and beliefs. There will be more thematic workshops in cooperation with Lena in the future, in English and Spanish. Lena is specialised in Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga and is passionate about making sure her participants have an enjoyable physical and spiritual experience. Her offers range from classes and workshops to retreats addressing individuals as well as businesses, institutions and organizations seeking a healthy balance for their staffs’ lives.

Retreats and workshops like the one I participated in this week can help us be conscious about what is currently out of balance in our lives and what we want to focus on again. Being in a special place and atmosphere can meet our need to relax and reconnect.

So what will I change? I noticed that I need to leave the city for a while, be in nature, travel and pass time in community projects, as this is something I am missing at the moment. In may we’ll hit the road.

What is your next journey?

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