How many times do we keep on saying to ourselves that we desperately need to take some time off, that we have to break up with routine so that we can find time for what really matters to us?

The solution comes often in a form of a journey. We start doing vacation plans, dreaming about relaxing on a hammock, reading that book, dive in the ocean or just about meeting new people and visit new places. We idealize what the perfect time will be and we eventually take all the effort to achieve it.

And finally the day comes. We pack our stuff and go. Once we get to our destination the expectations are high. We pack out our stuff and start to live our small dream. But soon the inevitable happens. We pull out our i-phones, tablets or even laptops. And we eventually end up spending more time looking at a screen than enjoying the landscape or meeting new people. We might be in a wonderful quiet place with gorgeous landscapes. We might have the chance now to use the pool, to finally read that book or to go hiking. But we end up falling on the same “everyday digital trap”, chatting online with the same people we do back home, visiting the usual social media channels, or doing our best to take that selfie to show our friends and family how fine we’re doing. But are we really doing fine? Do we really get that break we needed?

“Digital dependency” is nowadays a fact.

One can actually think about internet addiction as one of the big challenges for modern society and for the generations to come.

The good news are, that there are actually many people aware of this problematic, trying to reverse the tendency! And this article aims to give you a good example of it.

Re-connect with yourself

Located in an idyllic place at the south western coast of Portugal, the Offline House invites it’s guests to “disconnect to be able to reconnect again”. The idea is, according to Rita and Bárbara – the founders of the project, to be able to “re-discover the feeling of being among people, friends and family without a screen in the hand”.

 The use of technology devices is not strictly forbidden in the house. Like in any other detox program, one has to have the choice and will to do it. But the staff strongly recommends to do it so, though.

Re-connect with yourself

So how does digital detox really look like?

Offline House is doubtless a beautiful place to relax and to re-discover yourself. It’s a cozy house right in the middle of the Costa Vicentina Natural Park with a garden, pool, BBQ and plenty of activities to do. While checking in, guests are invited to lock their technological devices in a safe. Instead of offering Wi-Fi, the hostel offers yoga and surf classes and leaves table games, books and music instruments at guests’ disposal.

It’s really up to you.

Read a book in a hammock, participate in a jam session, take the surf classes you always wanted to do, find the balance between your body and mind with yoga, go for a walk in the park or at the beach, or simply share good moments with people from different countries.

Get re-connected to the real world! Get re-connected with yourself!

Soon Offline House will be listed on Vagamunda, just as many other special places and offers for real re-connection.

Are you still staring at your screen? What are you waiting for? 🙂

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