Tipps for Vagamunda Hosts

Who can create a Listing?

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Vagamunda Hosts have the option to appear in 7 different categories that are relevant for conscious travelers.

Are you a local business?

Do you offer products or services to support a Conscious Cosumerism? Can travelers find Accomodation at your place? Or do you invite them to stop by for special cultural or artistic events, for workshops or for ecotouristic activities and experiences? Maybe what you offer addresses Body, Mind and Soul?

Clicking the links above you can have a look at the first listings we created for our Pioneer Hosts. The first 100 listings are totally free of charge and without any obligation.

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Are you a a non-profit organization, initiative or group? 

Do you folks organize special cultural or artistic eventsworkshops or ecotouristic activities? Conscious travelers are also interested in activists’ campaigns or other hands-on-activities they can participate in. Do your activities address Body, Mind and Spirit?

Do you run an ecosocial, permacultural or political project? Who can interested travelers get in contact with? How can they inform themselves about what’s going on when they pass your region?

You can create a permanent FREE LISTINGJust get started and be part of the movement.


Present yourself in a transparent and honest way

We recommend to present a complete listing that consists of the most important information Vagamunda travelers are interested in. Here are some questions you can use as an orientation.


For all hosts:

  • Who are you? – Make clear for Vagamunda travellers who you are (private person, civil initiative, business)
  • What do you do? – Present your activities, what you stand for, why you do what you do, etc.
  • How do you take over ecological/social responsibility in what you do?

For business hosts:

  • How is the common good as an objective integrated into your business model? Or how do you strive for a common good?
  • What is special about the inner structure of your business? – Who is part of the staff? What is special about your interaction and working conditions? We recommend to tell a little bit of the story of your business.


Get more interest in your listing

Vagamunda provides you extensive options to present yourself in your listing. You can upload images to create a gallery up to 200 MB; your cover image will appear in an extended format. Furthermore you can upload a video and integrate links to all kinds of social web. Most travellers speak English; nevertheless it is also possible to create a listing in any other language. Make the most of your listing on Vagamunda.


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