Vagamunda includes a category named “Voluntary Help”. In this statement we want to make clear our idea of how voluntary help is a meant on our platform for conscious travelling.

We are aware of the fact that volunteering has become a product on the market of travel agencies. Besides that it has become an almost “obligatory” learning and life experience especially for young people. Voluntary services though are a special form of contribution in the social or ecological sector that should have a certain length to realize it in a respectful and sustainable way. That’s why it is not possible to integrate anything like a voluntary service in a travel experience as it normally doesn’t take that long and also has different objectives. We do not support a so called “Voluntourism”. Voluntary services are realized by numerous non-profit organizations that accompany their volunteers in a responsable way. Vagamunda addresses travellers and does not procure voluntary services.

Our category “Voluntary Help” gives travellers the opportunity to lend a hand with the jobs and tasks of a (community) project. This can be for example the realisation of a certain building project, helping out in a harvest activity, etc. Normally this type of voluntary help does not last longer than one day up to a couple of days as a traveller tends to be interested in different activities in the area.

For so called working holidays we recommend other platforms that provide a wide network of hosts that ask for voluntary help in exchange of accomodation and food for a longer period.

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