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The Collaborators


Audiovisual Comunicator, Photography Enthusiast, Support

Every journey is a different adventure; especially if we are seeking experiences and and places away from the ordinary tourism.

Why not approaching and savouring different cultures, traditions, food, places and its people? Why should we always go to the same places? Do we really consider the world as so limited to not let us get surprised by new opportunities?

In Vagamunda I see a key to new possibilities where “tourism and responsability” unite to make thousands of experience possible of enjoying without doing harm or invading the surroundings we visit.



Vagamunda - Team


Language Ace, Travel Expert, Support

Why Vagamunda? – It’s a great pleasure for me to be part of the Vagamunda project. I’ve been working for the tourism business for over 15 years. Soon it became clear to me that traveling means much more than having fun and visiting new places. Travel implies responsibility and respect – not only towards the hosts from the places we visit but as well towards the local and global environment. The information Vagamunda offers the travelers are in this frame of a great help. It encourages to re-think and to re-define travel plans. Sustainable tourism is the key to assure that: we’ll be able in the future to keep on visiting ancient comunities, we’ll carry on discovering natural paradises on earth and we’ll keep on swimming in crystal water rivers during our vacations.
Dare to be more of a traveler and less of a tourist.

I like … – Surely you won’t be surprised if I tell you that my favourite hobby is to travel. I love to concept journeys. I feel at home in natural environments and lost in big cities. I love outdoor activitives as hiking, biking or canoeing. I’m passionate about foreign languages and cultures. Sustainable development, social conscience and voluntary work are very important concepts for me.
I love to see how Vagamunda gains followers day by day and to get to know interesting projects all over the world.


The Founders’ Team

Vagamunda - TeamMARIE

Co-Founder, Content Director, Communication & Host Support

Why Vagamunda?

The step to have started Vagamunda with Stefan has been a logical one in my life. You could probably ask anybody who knows me. In this project I am combining all the experiences I have made since my first stay abroad. Today I count a total of at least three years, living in or visiting projects and places hosted by inspiring, strong people. I have traveled in and through 13 countries mainly in America during my time studying social pedagogics and later on accompanying young people during their voluntary services in projects of Latin America. My travels in Spain started in january 2013. Read more about this here.

As a traveler I learned about how everything is globally connected and that we should do nothing else but enrich each other by exchanging about alternative ways to live and do things, showing respect for each other and nature, as our basis. As a traveler I also learned that I need to take care of myself, respecting my needs, to be able to live a balanced life and show empathy.

With Vagamunda my goal is to provide a platform that gives conscious travelers a place where they can find hosts and their special places & projects. Make your experiences and never stop learning on your way.

I like …

… to think in community. I am convinced that the best living environment we can have, is the one we create in cooperation and solidarity. One alone would need super powers to achieve what we can easily create together respecting ourselves, each other and our environment.

… to think of Vagamunda as a new, growing community.


Vagamunda - TeamSTEFAN

Co-Founder, Web-Developer and -Designer

Why Vagamunda?

I’m part of Vagamunda because I want to encourage people to rethink their vacation planning. The choice of how to spend your resources and how to interact with nature and people at your travel destination has a huge impact. It’s important to inspire new behaviors in that field.

I like …

I like about Vagamunda to see the map grow from week to week and to explore the new exciting travel destinations.

I personally like the priciples of earth care, people care and fair share.